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She earned her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University, one the foremost naturopathic medical universities, globally. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Cornell University. 


THROUGH HER OWN STRUGGLES WITH CHRONIC ILLNES, DR. CHELSEA DISCOVERED A PASSION FOR INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: combining conventional medical knowledge with research based natural therapies. Through her personal experience with illness, she has worked with some of the  most prestigious medical institutions in the country including the Mayo Clinic and UCLA hospital. She has also worked with a variety of accomplished alternative practitioners. She was also mentored by her late Rheumatologist, a Stanford Fellow who mentored her in evidenced based integrative medicine with application for chronic and difficult to diagnose conditions. 


DURING HER UNDERGRADUATE CAREER, Dr. Chelsea worked in Cornell University’s Laboratory of Medicinal Products and Natural Chemistry, where she studied the biological activity of plants for therapeutic application, with an emphasis on oncological (anti-cancer) potential. This work also took her to the Dominican Republic on an NIH-funded research trip that evaluated local  plants for use in minority-health disparity related diseases. 


DURING HER DOCTORAL EDUCATION, Dr. Chelsea completed advanced training in Integrative Rheumatology, Lyme Disease, and a functional approach to Auto-Immune  Disease. She also participated in an educational initiative to teach colleagues about finding hidden triggers of persistent illness. 


HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TOLD, BY YOUR DOCTOR, THAT YOU ARE PERFECTLY HEALTHY WHILE YOU FEEL COMPLETELY AWFUL? If so, Dr. Chelsea is the doctor for you. In her current career as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor she loves working with chronic illnesses such as Lyme Disease and other persistent infections, environmental toxicity, and autoimmune disease. She also recognizes that chronic illness also encompasses any condition from which someone has not been able find relief (whether that be headaches, PMS, insomnia or weight gain) and that chronic illness almost always has complex and overlapping etiologies that require evaluation of many body systems. 


SHE ENJOYS EDUCATION: she reads copious amounts of medical literature in her free time and enjoys writing and speaking about medical topics. 

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